About Paul Potratz


Paul’s passion for cars, technology, and art has driven his career. Exposed to the family auto business as a youth, Paul worked his way up from lot attendant to fixed operations, then sales, and, finally, sales management. After completing studies in English and Psychology at University of Memphis, Paul was awarded a contract as a digital and technical communications consultant for Lockheed Energy Systems, where he worked with the marketing and public relations departments for Boeing, Bechtal Jacobs, and the FBI.

Next, Paul moved on to South Central Communications, where he developed marketing campaigns for Jasper Engine and Transmissions, AC Delco, NAPA, Sumitomo, and several Ford Dealers and Toyota Groups. Climbing the corporate ladder, Paul accepted a new challenge in senior management with Clear Channel Communications.

aboutHirePaulThere his assignment was to take an under-performing media property and make it profitable. He accomplished this task in just 8 months. Along the way, his love for cars and connections in the automotive industry allowed him to build close relationships with dealer principles and general managers across the country. Before long, they were coming to him for sales and marketing advice, and he was developing unique and memorable marketing campaigns for them.

After helping his friends achieve success, Paul’s next career move was to open Potratz in 2003. Paul’s love for technology, willingness to embrace new ideas, and unique philosophy about how to communicate with consumers all have driven a constant growth for Potratz and their dealers, even during the economic downturn in 2008. Paul has been interviewed on digital marketing and automotive trends by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, NY Post, CBS and several regional newspapers and radio talk shows. Paul also speaks in a variety of venues and writes and blogs daily for several automotive publications and forums, including NADA, Driving Sales, Auto Dealer People, Dealer Elite, Automotive Digital Marketing. In addition, you can see Paul every Tuesday on the Think Tank Tuesday series, which is also on iTunes.

Paul lives with his wife Christy on their horse farm near the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York, where he enjoys collecting cars and cameras and taking pictures. Check out his profile on flickr.